A Saudi client commissioned us to research the Kingdom’s luxury goods market, reporting on market size and value, market projections, key trends, competitive environment, market shares of key players, consumer perception, and the position and best development strategy for their own business.

Prepared market entry plan for the Fisheries Board of EU country seeking to open multi-million pound opportunity in Eastern Europe, with full “road map” detailing market size/value, profiles of key players, market trends, plus overview of regulatory environment and appraisal of risk factors (outsourced by an international consultancy).

Conducted feasibility study for a UK chain of health spas for a Middle Eastern entrepreneur (outsourced by an international consultancy).

Conducted feasibility study for a chain of hotels in Russia and devised development strategy for first 5 years (outsourced by an international consultancy).

“I am very happy with the report. It is the first time I have seen an overview of our market like this, with key trends, market shares, market value, how we’re seen by consumers and competitors, projections and all the rest of it … it was very helpful”

– co-owner of a large Saudi business

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Due diligence on the distribution system of a leading Russian producer: under legend of working for new market entrant met senior management at over 10 Moscow distributors to find out reason for repeated dirty tricks against the company’s in-house distribution system: after over 25 interviews in the field established the unseen hand spoiling the in-house system was the company chairman seeking to help a friend set up a distribution company to pay off a large personal debt that he still owed to the chairman (work outsourced from the City).

Due diligence on a leading Russian retailer prior to London IPO:  detailing background and reputation of owners and top management, ascertaining where start-up capital came from, establishing no connections with organized crime, identifying secret co-owner in Russian government, clarifying unknowns, including product sourcing and distribution procedures (work outsourced from the City).

Due diligence on a Russian JV Partner: prior to signing JV Agreement with UK client clarified key “unknowns” viz. where Russian partner’s start-up capital came from, verified their client base was genuine, found out why half its top management had recently left, checked its reputation with former staff and suppliers, verified it had paid for newly-installed plant machinery, ensured no pending major litigation (work outsourced from the City).

“There is more detail here than I was expecting and it’s exactly what we wanted. Thanks and well done”

– private client in the City

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Smith & Loginov recently contacted the Russian equivalent of the Federation of Small Businesses (OPORA Russia) to discuss ways of strengthening trade links between members of both organizations. This Smith & Loginov initiative has the approval of senior management in both organizations and in April 2011 Geoffrey Smith will be in Moscow to advance plans for a 35-man OPORA delegation to come to London in October, followed by a similar-size delegation from the UK going to Russia in early 2012.

A Middle East food producer wanted to penetrate the market in Eastern Europe; our market entry plan identified acquisition of a local producer as a fast-entry route and we established contact with a leading Eastern European confectionery producer and initiated the takeover talks.

“Thanks for your assistance.
We are now in touch with the right people and remain open to all formats of possible future cooperation.”

– Russian client seeking closer ties in the UK, March 2011

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This means helping clients to make an informed decision when selecting a professional advisor, so you can be sure who will be best given the specifics of your case, including:

  • Identification of the 3 best candidates
  • Information on why they are eligible
  • Advice on how to conduct your own due diligence on who is best for you, with further support if required

It’s no secret that professional service standards vary enormously from one firm to another, or that this could spell the difference between success and failure for your own business. Our intention in providing this service is to make sure you decide on the basis of informed professional advice, rather than pot luck. As Geoffrey is a qualified lawyer and has close connections at 8 respected law firms with a strong reputation in several practice areas, including business law, he is particularly well-placed to give you the advice and support needed to help you in this regard.

“I’ve been let down too often by lawyers. I don’t want their meaningless sales talk. I want them to do what they say they’ll do… I think this a very valuable service you’re providing and I’ll be recommending it to several other businesses I can think of”

– FSB member, March 2011

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A multinational confectionery company commissioned Smith & Loginov to advise on re-branding one its chocolate bars in Russia, asking us to devise a Russian brand equivalent to the English brand and to help with its launch.

A multinational producer of alcoholic drinks commissioned Smith & Loginov to help introduce a series of new vodka brands to the Russian market, devising names in Russian, helping to conduct consumer testing and launch the new brands.

A Western oil company commissioned Smith & Loginov to advise on branding shops about to be introduced to their service stations in Russia, asking us to advise on brand messaging and ensure the branding of the shops would compliment their global brand.

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Trained senior staff in top City law firm and helped them prepare to receive a business delegation from a major Russian client, advising on greeting and handling of meeting, cultural sensitivities, right/wrong gestures, goodwill levers, optimization of conference facilities, and in arranging in-country hospitality program and follow-up initiatives.

Trained group of City entrepreneurs entering the energy market in Kazakhstan, helping them to communicate with non-English speaking government officials and senior management in Kazakhstan, advising on goodwill levers, cultural do’s and don’ts, in-country hospitality and follow-up initiatives.

“This helped put our relations with the Russians on a secure footing and build what we were looking for”

– private City client, professional services

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A French law firm commissioned Smith & Loginov to trace someone claiming to live in Russia in order to serve proceedings following default on a large sum of money: under the legend of an urgent courier delivery we established the Russian address was bogus, who was really living there and their connection with the defendant, got his current contact details and enabled proceedings to be served and possession of his property to be commenced in France.

A large consignment of top quality brochures printed in London was urgently needed in the Middle East for a conference beginning the day after the Eid holiday ended: Smith & Loginov was commissioned to arrange collection in London and safe delivery to the client’s office on the day before Eid.

A large Western company with a newly opened Moscow office urgently needed to replace a key staff member:  they asked Smith & Loginov to supply them with a list of suitable candidates and help in short-listing the ones called for interview.

“Can unreservedly recommend Geoffrey and his firm for their excellent advice and practical support.”

– US businessman, April 2011


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